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Water Heater

Need a Water Heater Repaired Or Installed?

At Quality of Charleston, we repair all makes of traditional hot water heaters, gas water heaters and electric water heaters.  Our expert on plumbing staff will fix, repair, replace or install all makes and models of water heaters.

There are two major choices of water heater installation.  The traditional tank water heater or the new tankless water heaters.  Our staff can install water heaters same day throughout the The Charleston Area.  Depending on the design of your home, we will assess your needs and recommend the best water heater solution for your home.

Tankless Water Heaters:


If you’re tired of running out of hot water in the shower, want to replace that old hot water heater or have a new remodeling project then a tankless water heater might be perfect for the job.  Tankless hot water heaters can be a great solution to your residential hot water needs. They’re also referred to as on demand hot water heaters because they don’t usually store hot water, but rather create it on demand. And installing a tankless hot water heater may even qualify you for a $300 federal energy tax credit!

There are some limitations and trade-offs to consider before you decide if a tankless hot water heater system is the right fit for you and your family. I have one in my house and properly used these appliances are absolutely great.  Improperly used, they are disappointing and expensive. They come in point-of-use and whole-house versions.  There are tankless water heaters powered by electric, natural gas and propane. Some tankless units are sized to heat a cup of tea and others to provide enough hot water for 2 or more bathrooms. Also, the region of the country you live in has a lot to do with how much hot water a tankless water heater can produce.

There are many factors to consider with these units so call Quality of Charleston at 843-297-8699 and we can help you make an informed decision on the best hot water heater solution for you specific needs.